Amsterdam: Some travel tips

Parking car in Amsterdam.
It is not easy to find space for parking. Also parking in the city center is very expensive. If you break parking rules where you shouldn’t, your vehicle wheels will be locked.

Currency Exchange Rates.
Best place to exchange money is a train station. Bank “GWK” on the Central Station takes the lowest commissions and open 24 hours a day. If you pay by credit card, in some small shops and hotels you may pay extra 4-5%.


You shouldn’t not standing on cycle tracks.
As soon as you hear a bicycle bell – immediately jump to the other side. Cyclists in Amsterdam are rarely give way to pedestrians. It is better not stand in the way of these crazy and always hurrying people.


Avoid walking at night in the following locations.
Nieuwendijk, southern Zeedijk and Damrak are not considered safe places.

Using a mobile phone in Amsterdam.
You can rent a mobile phone at the airport Schiphol or buy a prepaid SIM-card for your mobile phone.

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