Amsterdam windmills – symbol of the Netherlands

Amsterdam Windmills

Except the channels and tulips, a symbol of the Netherlands is windmill. This is a very real living monument, which have their own national holiday on May 11. For many centuries, the Dutch windmills helped in fight for water, so it is not surprising that this nation was the first whose develop their technology.

To view this symbol of the country you don’t have to leave Amsterdam. Like most attractions of city, they are only in few minutes away by bike. There are 8 mills In Amsterdam, and only two are open to visitors.

Windmills in Amsterdam

Built in the 17th century, De 1200 Roe in Haarlemmerweg located along the river Amstel.

If you enjoy architecture of perfectionism, visit the windmill Gooyer or Fuenmolen, which is located on Fuenenkade, in the east of Amsterdam. Near this place located brewery which still sells traditional Dutch beer.

Windmills Molen van Sloten and Otter are very popular from tourists. This windmills keepers the secrets of Amsterdam. Located on the outskirts of the city, Molen van Sloten Windmill is available to visit from 10 am to 4 pm.

And last mill, the mill De Otter which built in 1630 and this is the legacy of Amsterdam.

Windmills Amsterdam

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