Pedrera: the rock with residential caves


One of the most famous work of Antoni Gaudi is the oval apartment complex that were built around two oval patio.

Rosario Mila was one of the first homeowners. Now Caixa de Catalunya bank is owned this house and gave the money for restoration the building.

Firstly Gaudi planned to put around both patio ramps on which residents could drive up by cars to their apartments, but in the end limited with parking in the basement.

A trick which Gaudi used in building was inner courtyards. For avoidance of dark rooms, Gaudi built living rooms on the outside of the building. And inside he built kitchens, pantries and some corridors. Also on the outside of the building, some of the balconies have a glass floor, it is needed for maximum coverage of light for each of the premises.



One of the features of the building is absolutely incredible chimneys and ventilation shafts, disguised as fairy army. These totemic soldiers had to guard the 12-meter statue of the Virgin. However, at the time of Tragic Week in 1909, when the crowd smashed and burned churches and monasteries the customer was afraid that the house with a giant Madonna will be a constant target of atheists and canceled the statue.


This was the last worldly projects built by Gaudi.

Part of the building is available for tourists. You can visit the one of apartments, an exhibition hall, a loft with an ingenious system of support arches, and also visit a roof.



You must head up to the roof. This is unforgettable experience. And at the end of a walk, visit Cafe de la Pedrera on the 2nd floor of a masterpiece. A cup of coffee in this сafe will complement the experience.

Where you have not gone in Barcelona do not forget that it had not been lost, the best mode of transport for tourists is a taxi or shuttle.

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