Visiting top places in Barcelona

Barcelona Magic Fountain.


Singing Fountain of Montjuïc or simply Barcelona Magic Fountain is incredible show, which involved light, sound and water flows. Dynamic and stunning paintings can be seen in the evenings. When the show begins thousands of tourists are gathering on steps leading to the National Palace. The higher you climb – more beautiful panorama you will see.

La Sagrada Família.

La Sagrada Familia

The most famous and grandiose creation of genius architect Antoni Gaudi. During his lifetime he did not finish the cathedral. But the construction is ongoing and will finished in 2026. Outside of La Sagrada Família is decorated with thousands of tiny details and sculptures. When you inside of cathedral you will see Incredibly beautiful arches, stained glass windows and other things which forming a magical effect.

Park Guell.

Park Guell

Landscapes and buildings of the park – another Gaudi creation. Grand staircase leading to the hall of the hundred columns – the main attraction of park. Here you’ll also see the famous terrace with a mosaic dragon and bench created from fragments of glass and ceramics. It has a magnificent view of the entire city of Barcelona. Winding paths, caves, incredible architectural works, the house where lived Gaudi, and more. You can spend all day in Park Guell.

The Boqueria Market.

The Boqueria Market

Experienced travelers say the best atmosphere of the city can feel in the market. For Barcelona, the market “La Boqueria” this statement is 100% true. If you want a Catalan flavor – you should visit this place.

Barcelona Aquarium.

Barcelona Aquarium

One of the biggest aquariums in Europe. There are 35 separate aquariums in which 11,000 specimens 450 species of fish from all over the world. 80-meter-long tunnel that passes through the giant Oceanarium will give you unforgettable emotions.

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