Valencia Nightlife: Barrio del Carmen

Valencia knows how to have fun at night. Barrio del Carmen (or just El Carmen) – one of the busiest areas in the evenings. You can find everything in your tastes – from the cellar with jazz up to hot salsa party.

 Vatencia El Carmen

Barrio del Carmen – located in the heart of the historic district with narrow streets, laid in the time of Arab domination. In the afternoon quiet and deserted, but in the evening turned into one of the most important Party places in the city. Nightlife does not begin until midnight, but you can have a drink before people will gather.


The Club Radio City – one of the most popular places in Barrio del Carmen. It regularly hosts incendiary parties that last for before 3:30 am until Radio City will closed. Keep in mind that The Radio City is not limited DJ decks and the dance floor, also are often organized film screenings, local theater productions and evening of flamenco.

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