Prague beer tour: Visiting pubs in Prague

In Prague, there are good beer and very good beer. We made a list of the best pubs in Prague.

U Fleků (U Fleku).


The oldest of continuously operating breweries in Czech Republic. The foundation year – 1499. And since then, the brewery brews one variety of dark beer without interruption for more than 500 consecutive years. Here makes a famous Flekovský ležák 13%. – “Bavarian” dark vintage “caramel” beer.

U Medvídků (U Medvidku)
You should visit “U Medvidku”, because there is brewed the most dense in the world beer is X-Beer (its density is 33%, and the fortress – 11.8%). Also, you can enjoy a 12% “Budweiser” and the semi-dark 13-percent “Old Gott,” which also brew only in “U Medvidku”.

U Pinkasů (U Pinkasu)


This restaurant-brasserie located in the heart of Prague, just a few minutes from Wenceslas Square and it is a tourist attraction. Exactly in this place is began the story of beer Pilsner Urquell. In 1843, the former Jewish tailor Jacob Pincus was the first who started pour beer Pilsner.

U Kalicha (U Kalicha)


Admirers of Jaroslav Hasek from around the world flock to this place. Beer is poured: light – Pilsner and Radegast beers, dark – Domažlice beer. Anturazh – early 20th century, the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Nonoměstský Pivovar (Novomestsky Pivovar)


Very popular tourist place where brew their own 11% beer “Novomestsky”. The huge restaurant has three floors, which goes under the ground. You can relax in one of the many rooms, decorated in a certain style.

Pivovarský dům (Pivovarsky dum)


One of the most famous minibreweries in Prague – Pivovarsky dum. The main thing in the Pivovarsky dum is beer. The most popular “Black and Tan” beer – a mix of dark and light. Also you should try Nettle beer – it has a unique herbal taste and aroma, but certainly the most unique is color.

U Vejvodů (U Vejvodu)
A large pub in the center of Prague working up to 3 a.m. Here is brewed one of the best pilsner in Prague. Pluses of pub is the availability of a large number seats and working hours.

Švejk restaurant “Malostranská pivnice”(Malostranska pivnice)
The main advantage of the Malostranska pivnice is one of the best Pilsner in Prague. The other plus is working hours. Restaurant open from 11:00 a.m to 01:00 a.m.

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