Our beginner’s guide in Beijing

1. Forbidden City (Imperial Palace)


The biggest palace complex in the world. The complex consists of 800 buildings and 9,999 rooms, which have an area of 72 hectares. The palace is a striking manifestation of Chinese traditions. The name “Forbidden City” is explained by the fact that in this place could only live emperor and his family. The design of the complex has been carefully planned and is based on philosophy and religious principles, symbolizing the power of the emperors.

2. The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China – one of the largest and most ancient monuments in the world. Its total length is 8851.8 km, the one section passes near Beijing.

3. Temple of Heaven


Temple of Heaven – Tiantan Park – is one of the symbols of the city, this is the only one circular church in Beijing. The architecture of the temple consists of four main structures: the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the Imperial vault of heaven, the echo wall and circular altar. During the construction of the imperial palaces used yellow color tile, but the Temple of Heaven – it is the only building with a blue tile – the colors of heaven. Temple of Heaven, perfect place to spend time.

4. Imperial Summer Palace


Imperial Summer Palace one of the most prominent imperial garden in China. Castle Park covers an area of 290 hectares. Hillsides decorated with thujas, pine, cypresses, cedars, evergreen myrtles and laurels, many of which are over 200 years old. Among the trees you can see variety shrine, marble stairs, pergolas, and also the palace of the emperor. All this beauty is reflected in the huge Kunming Lake. The narrow bays are decorated with fanciful bridges, pavilions and a huge marble ship-palace in form of a dragon. Is said that once visited it, you visit all the beautiful places in China.

5. Olympic Beijing


In the summer 2008 Beijing became the host of the Olympic Games
Sports Center became the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”. This object has become one of the most recognizable in the world. Beijing National Aquatics Center better known as Water Cube. In July 2003, the object Water Cube was selected as the best among 10 similar objects. Besides of these two sports facilities there are many other objects which can grab your attention.

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