Booking transfers through online travel companies or through travel agencies

Booking transfers through online travel companiesTransfers_online_travel companies_vs_travel_agencies

Nowadays Internet commerce makes our life easier than ever. You don’t have to spend your time in the supermarket or mall. With online stores you can use a couple of clicks for making the order. – Simple, isn’t it? The trend of online sales is growing. Almost 70% of people regularly buy thing through the Internet. Ten years ago we cannot imagine this popularity.

Any industry using the Internet for selling products or services. Travel industry does not lag behind. Many people prefer to book hotel, reserve flight, or rent a car via online travel company. What about other products? Unfortunately transfers reservation isn’t so popular now. We don’t know why, but in fact many people prefer to make airport transfer reservation through a travel agent. So today we’re going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of booking transfers through online travel companies or through travel agencies.

Which one is easier to book?

We can confidently say that the transfer reservation over the network is much more convenient. Firstly, you can make a reservation with comfort at home or office. Secondarily, you have only three easy steps for booking: chose a location, select the most suitable transfers and make a reservation. In the third you can make orders at any time, seven days a week.

In the other hand managers of travel agency can advise you the most suitable transfers in the comfortable office. But how many times you spend for this – it’s up to you.

The most effective consultation

Live communication is better than by phone or email. In a simple conversation between you and manager of travel agencies, you can get information about the transfer you are looking for.

Online travel companies have all information you need for making decisions. You can also send a request to support department. They can give you information for any questions.

Let’s look at some examples:

- Which transfers are better for 15 people in Barcelona?

- There are four transfers types we can offer to you for 15 travelers: 1 Mini Coach, 2 Mini Buses, 4 taxi transfers or 15 seats in shuttle transfers.
- I’m looking for transfer for personal use in Dubai. What can you offer?
- In this destination we can offer Private Transfer, Executive Transfer and Limousine.

Payment methods

For saving time and nerves, online transfer reservation is excellent and useful service. Firstly, you can make an order at home or office. Secondly, you don’t have to plan meeting with manager of travel agencies.

Of course, many people worried about committing payment through the Internet. So they prefer a travel agent. But don’t forget that online travel companies have a high-level security system, so you can be sure that all your money will be safe.


If you want refunds from travel agency, you have to plan your time since arriving in the office for your money.

With online travel company you can get refunds more easy: enter in your account and make a booking cancellation.

Protection Information

All personal information is protected and no one can get it for personal use. You can read more about this in terms and conditions of the company.

So, no differences between travel agents and online travel company.


It depends on company policy. But in general, online travel company cheaper than travel agents.

In conclusion we want to tell you that each company can guarantee high quality transfer service. Online reservation is still growing and can be the number one in the near future. But nowadays online travel company leads with a small separation.


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