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Spy games in the International Spy Museum

International spy museum was founded in 2002 in Washington. It contains a collection of spy tools and artifacts and also museums always adding new spy things. Spy Museum was created by spies: Peter Ernest is the founder and managing director of museum, has served 35 years in the CIA; one of guides – Oleg Kalugin ex-KGB general; and other former agents from KGB and MI5 that work in the museum.


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Photos: Family Fun in Parc Asterix

Park Asterix

Parc Asterix is one of the biggest theme park near Paris. The park has 31 amusement. You can find six American and four water slides. The park is targeted for visitors of all ages, and have their own national style.

There are many interesting places for photos and relax. Parc Asterix is split into five parts – Gaul, the Roman Empire, Greece, the Vikings and the crossing times. On each side has its own unique attractions.

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Prague beer tour: Visiting pubs in Prague

In Prague, there are good beer and very good beer. We made a list of the best pubs in Prague.

U Fleků (U Fleku).


The oldest of continuously operating breweries in Czech Republic. The foundation year – 1499. And since then, the brewery brews one variety of dark beer without interruption for more than 500 consecutive years. Here makes a famous Flekovský ležák 13%. – “Bavarian” dark vintage “caramel” beer.
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