Spy games in the International Spy Museum

International spy museum was founded in 2002 in Washington. It contains a collection of spy tools and artifacts and also museums always adding new spy things. Spy Museum was created by spies: Peter Ernest is the founder and managing director of museum, has served 35 years in the CIA; one of guides – Oleg Kalugin ex-KGB general; and other former agents from KGB and MI5 that work in the museum.


Museum halls

The first hall is “Legends and cover”. Before you enter the hall, you must choose a “legend”: name, biography, purpose of travel. In order to enter on the main exhibition, a person must go through a kind of lie detector and correctly answer questions about themselves. Anyway you will learn two things. First, the most important thing for spies – to be able to transform, and second museum staff are serious about professional ideals of spies.

A second hall which you will visit is “Spy School”. This is more lecture hall. Experts from CIA and FBI are teaching and showing basic spy skills: apply make-up, working with aerial photography, use wiretapping, conduct supervision and also visitors will learn the basics of cryptography and cracking codes.

By the way in this hall you will find technical devices that used in different times by spies: a gun under 4.5-mm cartridge disguised as a woman’s lipstick; the first “processor” for hardware coding – the Enigma machine; encryption tools; Bulgarian umbrella that used to murder Georgi Markov by Bulgarian agent in 1978; a camera that allow make pictures through the wall and of course James Bond’s Aston Martin.


The next hall is devoted to the secret history and spy wars. In this hall you will hear stories about secret services and agents, how spies hunting down each other, some curious things, etc.

Spy games in the museum

This is unusual museum, you have never done something like these games in other museums. Can you imagine that former agents came up with so many interesting thematic games for museum visitors. Let’s look some example.

The game “Spy in the City”. Everyone can play in this game. Each player receives a personal GPS-navigator and headphones. One main rule you will have one hour for execution of the mission. Participants are searching clues and secret codes around the city. An example of a mission: to find the hidden password to deactivate a terrorist device that can destroy all the computers of the city. This is fun, this is interesting and it will be really exciting museum visit for your family.

The other game is “Night Spy”. This game only for adults. It runs on Friday and Saturday evening. People are going to team up and have to fulfill the mission inside the museum. After the mission everyone goes to the bar. By the way, this is initiative of the administration. In the spy museum believing that even an hour of spies life enough for going to the bar and drink some beer.

What else you can do in the museum

In the museum organized lectures and meetings devoted to spies and SpyTech master classes. An example you will do a listening device and mask it in the book, toys, shoes, etc.

Also the international spy museum have a shop where you can buy spy accessories. There are a lot of things to buy: a watch with a built-in camera; skeleton keys hidden in a credit card; or glasses with special mirrors, so you can see what’s going on behind your back, etc.

In conclusion we вт to say that this is a great and interesting place for children’s and adults which you should visit during you journey in Washington, DC.

The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00, the ticket costs $ 18.


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