Our list of the best places in London

Tower Bridge.


A relatively young Bridge (just over 100 years). The bridge is a symbol of the capital. For £8 you will be able to climb to the peak of the bridge. You will see the machine of divorcing the bridge.

Castle Towers.

The main UK castle, which holds treasures of the British Crown. It was built in XI century. Open to visitors from 10:00 to 16:30. Ticket price £ 20.90. We recommend coming here at 14:00

Westminster Abbey.


It is located in 2 minute walk from Big Ben. It is the traditional place of coronation of British monarchs and their burial. Also it is a place for wedding of royals . Construction was started in 1245 and completed in 1745. Westminster Abbey declared a world heritage. Entrance fee – £ 16.

St Paul’s Cathedral.


The cathedral was built on the highest point of London and is the seat of the Bishop of London. This is the most visited places in the UK. Cathedral is valid. Ticket price £ 13. You can climb up the stairs to the big dome. The cathedral has a restaurant and a cafe.

Big Ben.


Big Ben is the largest of the five bells in the tower. The tower was built in 1858 Tower height slightly less than 100 meters. Diameter of the clock is 7 meters. Every 15 minutes you can hear the sound of bells. Structure of tower is unique. It was a prison for a prisoner (a woman who fought for women’s rights). Now it is a part of the building. Unfortunatly you cannot enter in Tower, if you aren’t UK residents.

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