Something you should know about London

Weather and Climate.
Britain climate – mild and wet. The coldest month – January (from +3 C to +7 C), the warmest – July (16 to + 20 C). The most precipitation at the autumn and winter.

What to drink and where to eat?
Drink – beer or cider. In the summer – Pimm’s. Naturally, in the pubs you can also to eat. Standard set: fish and chips (fried in batter fish and chips), nachos (tortilla chips with cheese and sauce), all kinds of steaks, pies in pots, salads and others

Travel around the city.
The most affordable way to travel around the city are buses. Taxis in London are quite expensive.

Local residents.
Local residents are distinguished by politeness and restraint, so tourists need to reciprocate on any manifestation of attention.

How not to get lost in London?
Almost everywhere in the city center are arranged a detailed maps of the surrounding streets.

The tip is 10-15% of the bill. In the hotel, bars and cafes you may leave small coins. The tip for taxi driver is usually up to 10% of the counter. Maid at the hotel – 10-20 pounds a week, the porter – 50-75 pence. You don’t have to leave tips in pubs.

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