Paella – The pride of Valencia (What Have to do or try)

“Love or poverty have created this culinary masterpieces” – one of the legends of creating Paella.

One of the symbols of Valencian – paella, a dish of rice, meat or seafood and vegetables, which is cooked on a large flat pan.


Paella – the real soul of traditional Spanish cuisine. This is not just a dish, and not just a culinary masterpiece this is a spirit of Spain.

In traditional Valencian paella consists of white rice, meat of rabbit, chicken and snails, and also vegetables and beans. However, there are no place for sausage or sausages.

You can taste paella in many cafes, also it is possible to take-away from the snack bar.

In the outdoor cafes average price for a pan of delicious Valencian paella (for two hungry men) only costs € 13.

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