Ideas for your adventure in Paris

You arrive at Charles de Gaule airport, through customs to luggage reclaim and then…you want to get to the big city, and quick: so why queue for the train or bus when you can jump into your booked Mercedes private transfer then direct to the Hotel Asterix – one of the best in all Paris! Four Star luxury waits for you and if you fancy a little late supper then right next to the hotel is Le Pizza Paris – ideal for your French snack before a peaceful night’s sleep ready for the next day of your adventure.ransfer from the airport to Paris city center

The Hotel Asterix breakfasts are famous: le bacon, les Heinz Beans and their specialty – ‘oeufs frappés’ (scrambled eggs). After breakfast, left out of the hotel, two streets down and there is the fantastic Notre Dame cathedral. Your lover will be impressed that you’ve brought her here. Top Tip: get there at 8 and beat the tourists – buy your tickets to do the tour and be out before the other peasants are even out of bed!

Outside Notre Dame, book your Paris Tours at their kiosk. Tickets for the open-top bus rides are only 25 Euros per couple. Another Top Tip: take your wine in those plastic bottles – it’s cheaper than the posh plonk in glass and less chance of a nasty accident if you drop it!

And so around Paris by bus! Most of the tourist guides speak English so don’t worry about any misunderstandings! You’ll see the Bastille Prison, the Arc de Triumph, the Opéra and the best culture of the ride, that Louvre Art Building. Now even if you stopped and went in, at 25 Euros a throw it’s bloody expensive and very overrated! That ‘Moaning Lisa’ (Top Tourist Joke) is a really small picture too.
You’re working your way through ‘Things to do in Paris’ and it’s not even time for ‘le lunch’ (you see how the French have nicked half our words). The bus trip over, we recommend Le Paris Pub – dead close to your hotel…well 2 Metro stops away…it’s a crazy, funny, hilarious, loud pub and the beer is great! But after one or two or even seven pints of good French ale, it’s off to bed, the end to a perfect day!

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