Mysterious and beautiful Zlata Ulichka

The most popular and the most visited part of the Prague Castle is the Zlata Ulichka – little street with small (one-story) houses which attached to the wall of the fortress.


This street which appeared between Daliborka and the White Tower was called Zlotnitsky. Sagittarians whose settled in Zlotnitsky became engaged craft except guard duty. Then the street began to settle other workers and artisans. Little bit later the street began to settle by jewelers who worked with gold and gemstones. This is a reason why street called Zlata Ulichka.

Also in the house 22 lived a famous writer Franz Kafka.


At present it is popular tourist destination. The colorful houses are perfectly preserved to this day. There are many souvenir shops, cozy cafes and art galleries. Therefore, every tourist who was in Prague, should visit this unique place with such a rich history.

Entrance to Zlata Ulichka is included in price of tour in the Prague Castle. On the late evening Zlata Ulichka illuminated by lanterns, becomes even more mystical than the light of day. If you looking for the most mysterious places in Prague you should try to visit this street in evening.

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