Which transfer is best for your needs (2): private transfer types

This is the second part of topic “Which transfer is best for your needs“. Today we will tell you about transfers only for personal use – Private Transfers. In this article, we have added some example for better understanding the price range (but don’t forget that price is dependent on country/city). However, we hope that you will get useful information from this article. Please enjoy your reading.

Executive/ Private/ SUV Transfers

If you would like to relax on board during your driving time from airport to hotel these types of transfers are best for you. In comparing with taxi transfer, Executive/Private/SUV Transfers have more advantages. For example: the chauffeur driver will be waiting for you at the airport and will take your luggage and drop it at your hotel; you will sit in the more comfortable salon than in taxi so it will be easy to relax during the time of driving, etc.

Little more about SUV transfers.
The main different between SUV transfers and Executive Transfer/Private, that SUV transfers can pick up six passengers and one luggage per person.

Luxury Vehicle/Mercedes E Class/Mercedes S Class Transfers

Only one thing we can say about Luxury Vehicle: “You can relax, we take care of everything”. Full leather interior, high-speed WiFi, today’s newspaper, free drinks, full air conditioning and of course executive transfers like Bentley, Rolls – Royce, Maybach, Mercedes, etc. these and more other advantages you will get from these types of transfers.

Luxury Minibus and Limousine Transfers

This is excellent choice if you plan to travel with your family or with a small group for business and want to get premium service. You will get similar advantages like from Luxury vehicle transfer. Chauffeur division will do all they can to ensure your business meeting without a hitch with comfort and luxury.

This is example of Private and SUV Transfers. The transfer for six passengers from New York airport (John F. Kennedy Intl.) to Manhattan.
This is example of Luxury Vehicle. The transfer for three passengers from Athens Intl. Airport (ATH) to Loutraki.
Transfers.com - Transfer search results5
This is example of Mercedes E Class/Mercedes S Class Transfers. The transfer for three passengers from Zurich (Kloten) Airport (ZRH) to St Moritz.
Transfers.com - Transfer search results4
This is example of Luxury Minibus. The transfer for seven passengers from Kiev (Boryspil Intl. Airport) to Kiev City Centre.
Transfers.com - Transfer search results2
This is example of Limousine Transfers. The transfer for five passengers from Abu Dhabi Intl. Airport (AUH) to Jumeirah Hotels.
Transfers.com - Transfer search results3

Also you can try it by yourself and find your private treansfer with our search form.

The next part will be the final of topic “Which transfer is best for your needs” in which we’ll tell you about other most popular types of transfers: Direct Transfer, Express Shuttle Bus and Mini Coach.

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