Romantic places in Paris – One perfect day

Paris is a gate open to the world: its two major airports (Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport) mean that it’s well connected – looking for transport, hotels or ideas for visiting the capital, then find the ‘7 Touriste Information’ desk after luggage reclaim…there are helpful staff for assistance and practical advice for you, so use them! Use bus or train into town – or private taxi(expensive though!).


Once in the city, the Metro is the favourite way to get around with 16 lines and 298 stations – look for ‘Metro’ or ‘M’ signs at street level. Get a Metro map as well and keep it handy ‘cos it’s invaluable!

Now you’re ready to hit the City of Light and your aim must be to take home pictures of you kissing your partner in front of the Paris landmarks – see how many attractions (and kisses) you can snap…the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre and Notre Dame – why not take a ‘selfy’ standing by a Parisian gendarme!

Paris was right at the heart of events that marked French history and shaped its present so caress your friend and love the city! This cosmopolitan place is home to a varied population and will welcome you time after time no matter what colour you are or language you use…once you’re bitten by the Paris bug, you’ll be a constant visitor. Breathe in, swallow its originality, its fascination and its dizziness…your trip will be stunning and totally memorable for the two of you.

romantic travel in paris

If you can’t be romantic here, then you should give up! This city is made for lovers: the Bateaux Mouche boat trip on the Seine, a candle-lit dinner in the Latin Quarter or shopping for special jewellery in Galeries Lafayette…do Paris and say ‘J’adore Paris’.

And so, you fly into Orly and you need to do the 8 miles into the city with your girlfriend…so why wait in queues for taxis? Wasted time! Why not book Orly Airport Transfers, sit back in luxury Mercedes seats and let Orly Airport Shuttle take you and your girlfriend direct to your accommodation.

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