Popular street in Paris: Rue de Rivoli

This is the most popular and visited street for tourists in which you can meet oldest and newest Paris in one street.


Rue de Rivoli was built in the time of Napoleon. He was commanded to carry monasteries and built a new arcades which Napoleon saw in Italy. Rivoli starts from the Place de la Concorde, runs along the northern facade of the Tuileries and the Louvre and stretches up to the Marais.

Travel tip:
We have discovered one interesting thing about this street. Not so many people know that only from Rivoli you can find the shortest and the less crowded entrance to the Louvre. However it shouldn’t be the main reason for visiting this street.

In the old section of the street (from the Tuileries gardens to the Louvre) you can see the characteristic houses with identical facades , designed by Percy and Fontaine. The most unusual things are balconies (looks like “tape”), high rounded roof with dormer windows, in the first floor decorated balconies with arcades.


On the Rue de Rivoli, you can also find a statue of Jeanne d’Arc. This is a symbol of the street.


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