Things to do in Singapore: some rules

1. Customs rule:
Singapore do not have restrictions on import and export of currency.

Passengers over 18 can free to import 1 liter of wine, strong drinks or beer; 200 cigarets; candies which price less than 50 SGD(Singapore Dollars), other things which price less than 300 SGD

You have to present to the Customs authority bubble gum and tobacco products.

2. Avoid fines:
Here are the basic rules which you should know if you don’t want to get into trouble.
You cannot swim in the sea after dark
You cannot Feed vagrant animals
You cannot smoking in public places
You cannot eating in public places

Also ,local people is very disciplined so safety in the streets will guaranteed.

3. Visiting temples:
Follow all the rules which are prescribed when you visiting temples. If you want to make a photo or record a video, ask the permission of the person authorized, because in some temples it is strictly prohibited.

If you are going to temple get dressed a little more modestly, because immodest clothing may offend the sensibilities of the faithful.

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