Some tips before you go to Singapore.

This city will conquer you, and you will definitely come back again. What we can say about this city: the food is delicious, you’ll easy to get lost in shopping centers, and from the sea blowing inexorable winds of change.

Buddhism (40%), Christianity, Islam, Hinduism

Always warm. There is no off-season. You may walking in the city without fear of freezing. We recommend you always take with you an umbrella (in the event of heavy rain – they are suddenly as gusts of wind).

Average temperature: +28 C

You can wear whatever you want. We recommend you to wear lightweight clothing on excursions.



The food in Singapore, as well as in the rest of the Asian world, a true cult. You can find culinary traditions from all over the world (Chinese food the most popular in Singapore).

In Singapore you don’t have to give tipping at airports and hotels. Usually in restaurants tips included in the bill.



In Singapore you can buy anything you want!
You have to bargain, If you buy something or the price will be really high. You can reduce the price of the product almost in half. And do not surprise that in Singapore you can bargain in major shopping centers, this is a traditions for Singapore. Having agreed on the price, you should buy the product, or seller will be offended and never offer a good price.

Stores opened from 10:00 to 21:00 (in the weekend from 10:00 to 22:00)

What ever you do (waiting for taxi, buying a souvenir) – you have to get up at queue.

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