Things to do in Miami? Miami Beach with world class night clubs

If you don’t want to party, don’t come to Miami, it’s as simple as that because it’s a party heaven – especially crazy Miami Beach with world class nightclubs for the young and beautiful; Fort Lauderdale is good for hangover cures and Coconut Grove where you can soak up the bohemian café culture – mix it with the gypsies!miamioriginal

Miami’s a bit like New York – it never closes but in Miami you’ve got brilliant weather! There are clubs to satisfy the pickiest ravers so if you want Latin, you got Latin; you want gay, you got gay and you want dance…for God’s sake…dance the night away to the best DJs in the world in a steamy ambiance with the latest house music.
Best club scene is the trendy South Beach district where you can mingle with the rich and famous to boast when you get back home.
At Bella Cabaret they put on great drinks;
Coco de Ville is the place to be seen;
Pink Room Club with violet and pink everywhere you look and a female concierge especially for the ladies…try not to get up onto the pink catwalk though;
Score is for gays and lesbians;
Mynt Lounge has house and hip-hop plus a weird aromatherapy air system;
Mansion has 4 dance floors but dress well to get in; finally,
Set Miami was voted Best Club 2009 and…wait for it…there’s dancing on top of the bars and tables! You don’t get that in New York!

The brilliant Miami weather means a beach apartment will be ideal for you – check the best deals online and same for good hotels although we would recommend JW Marriott Marquis, Hampton Inn, Conrad, Fontainebleau and Loews Beach Hotel.

If you’ve still got the energy after a night freaking out in the clubs, there’s so much else to do in Miami…just a taste is: ‘Elf – The Musical’, Orange Bowl Football, Art Deco weekends, championship rodeos, a chocolate festival, antique shows, Miami fireworks, films, Caribbean Carnival, modern jazz, reggae concerts…the list is endless and all that can ruin the Miami Miracle is the occasional hurricane from June to November, the storm season! But don’t panic, they’re very rare!

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