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Unforgettable Beijing Opera

This is a different type of opera unlike any other operas – because it’s looks like a theater. The main features of traditional Beijing opera is freedom and relaxation. To conform these requirements the actors must know the basics of the national acting – “four skills” and “four stages”. The first four – the singing, recitation, reincarnation and gestures, the second four – “game by hands”, “game by eyes”, “game by body” and “steps.”

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List of our travel tips in Paris

1. Going into the store, restaurant or bar, be sure to say “bonjour” or “bonsuar” (in the evening), and then you can speak in any languages. Locals always like to start conversation with greeting in their native language.

2. If the table in the cafe served it means that here, you may order lunch or dinner. If you found same cafe tables without cutlery, it’s mean that you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat with friends.

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