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Gourmand journey in Beijing: Peking Duck

If you never booked at the restaurant the Peking duck during your stay in Beijing, you can think that your gourmand journey is failed. The Peking duck can be considered one of the main elements of the Tour in Beijing.


Peking Duck is an essential feature for special event lunches in the Chinese capital. For this dish is characterized thin and crispy skin.

How is traditionally eaten this dish:
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Something you should know about London

Weather and Climate.
Britain climate – mild and wet. The coldest month – January (from +3 C to +7 C), the warmest – July (16 to + 20 C). The most precipitation at the autumn and winter.

What to drink and where to eat?
Drink – beer or cider. In the summer – Pimm’s. Naturally, in the pubs you can also to eat. Standard set: fish and chips (fried in batter fish and chips), nachos (tortilla chips with cheese and sauce), all kinds of steaks, pies in pots, salads and others

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