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Best transportations from Miami International Airport (MIA)

You arrive at Miami International Airport (MIA) and you want to get to your hotel as quickly as possible and with very least stress, right? Okay: you’ve got a decent choice of shuttle, private transfer or taxi. It depends really on how much you want to pay – the bottom line anywhere.
Miami Transfer is easy and economical as is…then there’s Golden Gables and Bonaventure – all good, reliable companies and they all serve the airport and Miami Port
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The best of the best five in Cancun

Why Cancun? Well, the weather is fabulously tropical all year round…a perfect climate with warm ocean breezes where you can tan even in the shade – avoid peak-day heat, use a good high factor sun-block and carry water with you. Cancun has distinct wet (May to October) and dry (November to April) seasons. The superb average temperature is 26˚ and rainfall 1400mm…just great for great swimming in fantastic seas!Cancun Continue reading