Paris top places and travel tips: weather, vacation packages, all inclusive resorts

Ideas for your adventure in Paris

You arrive at Charles de Gaule airport, through customs to luggage reclaim and then…you want to get to the big city, and quick: so why queue for the train or bus when you can jump into your booked Mercedes private transfer then direct to the Hotel Asterix – one of the best in all Paris! Four Star luxury waits for you and if you fancy a little late supper then right next to the hotel is Le Pizza Paris – ideal for your French snack before a peaceful night’s sleep ready for the next day of your adventure.ransfer from the airport to Paris city center Continue reading

Romantic places in Paris – One perfect day

Paris is a gate open to the world: its two major airports (Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport) mean that it’s well connected – looking for transport, hotels or ideas for visiting the capital, then find the ‘7 Touriste Information’ desk after luggage reclaim…there are helpful staff for assistance and practical advice for you, so use them! Use bus or train into town – or private taxi(expensive though!).


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