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Prague beer tour: Visiting pubs in Prague

In Prague, there are good beer and very good beer. We made a list of the best pubs in Prague.

U Fleků (U Fleku).


The oldest of continuously operating breweries in Czech Republic. The foundation year – 1499. And since then, the brewery brews one variety of dark beer without interruption for more than 500 consecutive years. Here makes a famous Flekovský ležák 13%. – “Bavarian” dark vintage “caramel” beer.
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Prague currency exchange rate

Currency Exchange.
Czech exchangers have bad reputation as one of the highest exchange rates in Eastern Europe. Recommended to exchange money only at official exchange offices of major banks (Komerčnн banka, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB и Živnostenská banka), but not in the small exchange offices and in the airport, where are also high exchange rates.

You should saved checks of exchange – when you’re leaving the country, they will serve as proof of currency purchase within the Czech Republic, which help you freely convert Korunas back into USD or Euro.
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