Why transfer is better than taxi

Arriving in an unknown city is very difficult to find the right car at the airport or port. There is always the risk of overpaying or get worse service. More simple is pre-booking car at affordable prices. In this article we consider the main differences between transfer and taxi.


1) Security:
The transfers service can guaranty more security than taxi driver. Sitting in a taxi – you choose a random car and you don’t know who is the driver and who is owns the car. At the same time you may book a transfers in a legal and well-known company in the city.

2) Cleanliness:
When you book a transfer you will get a clean car inside and outside, but depending on the weather conditions it may not be completely clean.

3) Driver:
The transfer drivers is professional. He has been trained on various aspects and features of individual shipments.

4) Always on time:
The driver of a transfer always considers the time and situation on roads, so passengers cannot be late on flight or cruise.

5) Advantage of online booking:
The main advantage between transfer and taxi is booking online. You may choose the type of transfers (for one person, for family or for very large group). It’s good to know that driver will waiting for you in airport or port before you travel. After you made a booking you’ll receive a letter with a voucher which contains the type of car, vehicle number and some helpful information. There are three steps for booking a transfer:

1. Find transfer in special location;
2. Choose the type of transfer;
3. Make a booking and print a voucher. You can book your transfers on this link.


So we found out the booking a transfer service more complete, than take a taxi. As a result the airport transfers company can guaranty comfort, warmth, cheaper price and security.

In the next article we will tell you about basic types of transfers: which is better to book when you travelling alone, with family or with a very large group.

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