In this article we consider the main differences between transfer and taxi

Booking transfers through online travel companies or through travel agencies

Booking transfers through online travel companiesTransfers_online_travel companies_vs_travel_agencies

Nowadays Internet commerce makes our life easier than ever. You don’t have to spend your time in the supermarket or mall. With online stores you can use a couple of clicks for making the order. – Simple, isn’t it? The trend of online sales is growing. Almost 70% of people regularly buy thing through the Internet. Ten years ago we cannot imagine this popularity.
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Which transfer is best for your needs (2): private transfer types

This is the second part of topic “Which transfer is best for your needs“. Today we will tell you about transfers only for personal use – Private Transfers. In this article, we have added some example for better understanding the price range (but don’t forget that price is dependent on country/city). However, we hope that you will get useful information from this article. Please enjoy your reading.

Executive/ Private/ SUV Transfers

If you would like to relax on board during your driving time from airport to hotel these types of transfers are best for you. In comparing with taxi transfer, Executive/Private/SUV Transfers have more advantages. For example: the chauffeur driver will be waiting for you at the airport and will take your luggage and drop it at your hotel; you will sit in the more comfortable salon than in taxi so it will be easy to relax during the time of driving, etc.
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