Our best tips for travellers: Washington

Only best museums, good restaurants, famous nightclubs, classical jazz clubs have gathered in the capital of the United States of America.


The best time to visit Washington.
The best time to visit Washington in the spring. In summer it is usually too hot, in winter it is chilly to walk.

Days of summit or conferees.
Before you visit Washington, you must know when will be held the international summit or conferees. On these days most of museums and architectural places will be closed for tourists. By the way, many streets will be blocked and you will be not able to drive through some streets, you will find some difficulties in car parking, and you can get stuck in the traffic jams. So be careful to avoid choosing your travel to Washington in the days of international summit or conferences.

Travelling in the city.
Public transport in the capital is one of the best in the United States. Subways are usually working from 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Buses are driving all around the city. By the way, Washington is the best place for tourism because best places are located near each other. So, you may walk in the streets from one place to another place and this is the best way for traveling in the city.

The best restaurant.
The best restaurant in the city is situated in Georgetown. The name of the restaurant is J.Paul’s (3218 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007). The best you can order are two kinds of delicious oysters and vegetable salad with strawberries.

Evening time.
In the evening you may spend your time in Georgetown. There are many luxury shops and good restaurants in this place. Or if you would like to visit some night activities you should go to the Shaw Street. There are many best night clubs or jazz clubs in this street.

What you shouldn’t do in Washington.
You cannot visit a museum or architect places with luggage. It’s unusual than in other places of the United States. However, you may leave your luggage in luggage storage, but you will pay extra money for this service.


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