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Travel Tips to New York

New York is perhaps the busiest city of USA. Its widely diverse urban scene coupled with city’s profusion of cultures, this place has something for everyone. You can visit New York in all seasons. It is a city of triumph, land of opportunities and the land of Lady Liberty. The skyline is dotted with skyscrapers and Broadways. Here are a few tips for you to avoid common pitfalls:

Avoid standing in middle of the sidewalk

This is one of the most annoying things that tourists do here. So if you want to appreciate a skyscraper, make sure that you are not blocking the sideway where people walk.

Don’t skip your subway fare

There are several booths where no one is stationed. It is tempting to jump over the turnstiles and catch the train. If you get caught you will end up paying $100, which is a lot more then $2.25 train ticket.

Dress smart

Dressing up like a tourist will attract attention and you may get scammed. So it is wise idea to wear simple, smart casual clothes. Jeans and anything black is the best you can go with.

Places to avoid

Some places where you should be careful include North Manhattan especially the areas like Harlem, Inwood and Washington Heights. Other than that East New York, parts of Flatbush and Crown Heights in Brooklyn, Jamaica in Queens South Bronx are not safe to travel after sunset. Be careful with your wallet at Time square and Penn Station during the rush hour, as there are lots of pickpockets scaling those places. You can also avoid going to the Central Park at night.


Newark Airport is located 16 miles from the Manhattan. The most affordable way to go to the city is via air train that connects to Manhattan and costs about $11.55. You can find numerous taxis from the Newark Airport. They are metered and will charge you about $50-$75 to Manhattan. There are several private shuttles from airport and to airport. These shuttles offer you a sedan or a van for transferring a group of people. You can also book a transfer in rental cars. However, rental cars are expensive and you will not be able to find parking easily.