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London airport transfers, travel tips

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. There is something for everyone – right from its historic splendor to the architectural opulence that is all around you in the western area – take your pick. For a first time traveller, things don’t end by simply visiting the various attractions. One should know how to travel around London safely and speedily. Here are a few tips for you…

Local transport

Black London taxicabs are the best way to move around here. The drivers are very knowledgeable and reliable. Their competitors, the Minicabs, which are also licensed are less trained in comparison, and cannot be hailed directly on a street unlike the black cabs. They should be hired by phone.
London’s famous double-decker serves only the most scenic routes 9 and 15. The tickets are free for kids under sixteen and adults have to pay £2.
If you have to travel to multiple places, you can buy a saver ticket of £6, which is valid for all buses for one journey only. An Oyster card is also great.
There are over 60 night bus routes that run from midnight to 4:30 am. You have to clearly tell the driver of these buses to stop, as they stop only when requested.

Airport transportation

There are 3 airports in London: Gatwick, Biggin, Hillheathrow. Transport from London airport to your hotel is most convenient and easy. You can book a transfer here.
If you travel to London business center it's easy way to take a private transfers. On the one side it's much more expensive transportation, but on the other side this transportation have more opportunities, such as luxury or prestigue car,  door to door transportation, newspapers and free mineral water in minibars, etc. This is the best chose for business trips in London.


It is important that you park your cycle only in the designated areas. Always lock it securely to the cycle stand or any immovable object. In order to avoid theft it is best to take all the removable items like lights and pumps with you and register it.


Don’t accept a journey deal from a minicab driver. If you have hired it by phone, check the driver’s photo ID and ensure that he knows your name and destination.


Always avoid dimly lit areas and shortcuts to your destination. Always look confident. Don’t accept lift from anyone you don’t know.

Beware of pickpockets

Just like any other large city, London has its share of pickpockets. These work in groups or in pairs and usually operate in the busiest areas of London such as Oxford Street or Covent Garden. In order to stay safe from them, you should wear your bag across your body and always keep your wallet close to you. If you are on a café table keep an eye on your bags as the pickpockets may snatch them from under your chair.

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Tower Bridge. A relatively young Bridge (just over 100 years). The bridge is a symbol of the capital. For £8 you will be able to climb to the peak of the bridge. You will see the machine of divorcing the bridge. Read more

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