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  • Payment rules
  • May I use two credit-card for reservation? Back
  • No. You can only use one credit-card.
  • What credit cards can I use for reservations? Back
  • accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner's Club.
  • Can I pay in cash for my reservations? Back
  • No, all reservations on must be purchased with a credit card.
  • Transfer
  • How much you will charge for transfer cancellation? Back
  • Cancellations must be actioned online and will be subject to cancellation fees as follows:

    Bookings canceled 60 days prior to arrival date: 10% cancellation fee
    Bookings canceled 60-15 days prior to arrival date: 25% cancellation fee
    Bookings canceled inside 14 days prior to arrival date: 100% cancellation fee
    • Please note that in the case of NO SHOW the booking is non-refundable
    • Cancellation credit cannot be moved between bookings
    • Should you cancel the return portion of your transfer service whilst in resort you will not be entitled to any refund of the unused portion of the service
  • How can I pay for my transfer? Back
  • You can pay by VISA Debit/Credit, MasterCard and Maestro.
  • Do I need to confirm the pick-up transfer from the airport? Back
  • There is no need to reconfirm your transfer before you arrive. Only if you change your flight departure time, please notify the supplier(the contact information on your voucher) – they will do their best to accommodate the changes.
  • What information do I need in order to book? Back
    • Total number of passengers;
    • Overseas accommodation address;
    • Mobile Phone Number (Please note Your number will not be given to any other person or organization).
  • How much luggage can I take with me in the transfers? Back
  • The standard luggage allowance is one small suitcase/holdall( not exceed 70cm x 40cm x 20cm) and one piece of hand luggage and only per person.

    Please if you bring large suitcases or other excess luggage that cannot fit inside the vehicle, you may be asked to pay for a second vehicle on arrival.
  • What do I do if I lose something on the transfer? Back
  • If you left property in a transfer vehicle on arrival, please call the emergency number provided on your voucher.

    If you have left items behind on your return transfer, please email the local supplier on the transfer voucher and they will contact with you as soon as possible.
  • What is my next steps after my flight has landed? Back
  • You must follow the joining instructions provided on your voucher. You don't need to reconfirm your transfer. If you have any trouble please call the local emergency telephone number on your voucher.
  • Do you send a confirmation mail after I booked transfer? Back
  • Yes, you’ll receive an email with confirmation your booking. Also you'll find detail instructions about what to do on arrival and how-to reconfirm your return transfer. If you still did not receive your email please check our it in the spam folder or contact us.
  • How long I must wait for transfer? Back
  • In our website the time of transfer is based on information provided by the supplier. These times may vary according to volumes of traffic, local road conditions, local festivities etc. Please note:
    • The journey times which involved multiple pick-ups and/or drop-offs will usually be longer.
    • The driver may stop for a comfort break on longer journeys
  • What if my flight is delayed or canceled? Back
  • Suppliers will monitoring the arrival time. However if you know that your flight will delayed please contact to supplier using the number on your voucher to inform them of any delays. Please note :
    • Some suppliers may ask from you additional charge.
    • The supplier will not guaranty that they will waiting for you.
    How much you will charge for cancellation?
    For cancellation please contact us. The cancellation charges are as following:

    Bookings canceled 60 days prior to arrival date: 10% cancellation fee
    Bookings canceled 60-15 days prior to arrival date: 25% cancellation fee
    Bookings canceled inside 14 days prior to arrival date: 100% cancellation fee
  • How can I book transfer if I want to book 2 people to arrive and 5 people to come back? Back
  • You should make separate one way bookings to cover your full route. If you want to book a private you do not have to do this, just add in field a maximum number of people travelling at one time.
  • May I reserve a transfer to private villa? Back
  • Sorry we cannot provide service to a private address. But if you book a private transfer service that will drop you door to door.
  • How can I change my transfer booking? Back
  • If you need to make a cancellation please contact us.
  • Do I need to print my confirmation paper? Back
  • Yes, you must show it to the driver or our representative before you can board your transfer vehicle. We recommend you take two copies some transport operators have to collect a copy of your booking confirmation.
  • How can I make payment for my transfer? Back
  • You can make a payment at the time of booking by the website.

    How can I book baby seat?

    To book a baby/child seat please contact us after you have made the booking and we’ll confirm, if this is possible. Some supplier can provide them in some destinations.

    Please note some destinations have a legal requirement for the infant/child to be secured with in a baby seat/booster seat. Should the supplier not be able to provide a baby seat you will need to supply your own.
  • What if I change a hotel? Back
  • If you made a reservation and change your hotel you can rebooking your transfer and cancel your reservation. For canceling reservation please contact us.
  • I did not get a confirmation email Back
  • Please check confirmation email in the spam folder or contact to us.
  • How safe is it to use my credit/debit card on your website? Back
  • We have a 3D secure payment system and operate our website with an SSL certificate to ensure safe encryption of your details.
  • How much does it cost if I bring with me surfboard/golf bag/bike/etc to transfer? Back
  • Golf bags, surf boards or bicycles, is classed as excess luggage and may be chargeable. Please contact us and we can check with the supplier before you make the booking.
  • Do you have discount for children? Back
  • We have got discounted prices for children aged 2 – 12 years old, however this is depend of travelling dates and destinations. You must fully advise us of all infant/children and their ages. The transfer provider reserves the right to double check children’s ages on passport.
    Also please note that you don't have discount for infants.
  • What if I want to picked up a transfer from different hotel/address. What should I do? Back
  • You should separate your booking and use one way options. If you wish to travel from a port to a hotel in a different resort please select ‘Resort to airport’ (if it available you will see the route in the drop down options).
  • What if I want to make more than one stop? Back
  • Only if you use Private transfer. But it will be additional fee and you must contact us after you have made your reservation. Please note this is possible only if it is in the same resort.
  • My transfer hasn’t arrived! What do I do? Back
  • You should wait a maximum 20 minutes after the agreed pick up time.
    If transfer will not arrived you must contact to suppliers (telephone number on your waucher).

    If they cannot arrive, you should think about alternative arrangements to get to the airport in good time to check in for your flight.

    Please note we cannot accept any liability for costs incurred should you miss your flight. But you may collect all receipts and send they to us for consideration of refund. Please note that no refund can be considered without a receipt.
  • Air
  • How can I book a one-way or a multiple destinations? Back
  • You can choose type of trip in our search box.
  • May I book airline reservations by phone? Back
  • No. You can only make online reservations for airline tickets. However, we can assist you with any questions you may have regarding your online booking. Use these numbers: 1-877-657-4874 for United States and Canada or 1-210-507-6512 if you are outside the United States and Canada.
  • How do I know my flight reservation is confirmed? Back
  • You will receive confirmation e-mail after you complete your reservation. If you don’t receive confirmation e-mail, please contact to our customer care department: 1-877-657-4874 (or 1-210-507-6512 if you are outside the United States and Canada).
  • Do I need to make reconfirmation (flight) before departure? Back
  • No, you don’t need to make reconfirmation. However, some airlines make a call to reconfirm passengers flights with the airline 24 (or 72) hours prior to departure.
  • What should I do If airline company changed my reservations? Back
  • If the changes is not suitable for you, please make a call to our customer care department. Use this numbers: 1-877-657-4874 for United States and Canada or 1-210-507-6512 if you are outside the United States and Canada.
  • Can I use a debit card for flight reservations? Back
  • Yes, do accept debit cards. Please note that funds will be immediately withdrawn from your account at the time of purchase. If you want to make a payment by your debit card, you must mark in the box “This is a debit card” on the “Complete your credit card information”.

    You must know, that some debit cards cannot be verified. This may effect to fare and may delay the issuance of your tickets. We recommend you to have your credit-card available as a backup in case if we're unable to verify your debit card.
  • How can I send request for changing flight reservation? Back
  • If you want to change your flight you must made it by phone. Please use this numbers: 1-877-657-4874 for United States and Canada or 1-210-507-6512 if you are outside the United States and Canada.
  • Does charge fees for flight tickets service? Back
  • All service fee will be included in price of ticket and they will be itemized prior to purchase.
  • How many tickets I can book per transaction? Back
  • The maximum number of tickets per transaction is six. If you want to purchase more than 6 ticket you must begin a new transaction.
  • Do you offer bereavement fares? Back
  • Unfortunately, at this time airlines do not allow bereavement fares for travel agencies and we cannot assist you with the booking of these fares.
  • What is electronic ticket? Back
  • Electronic ticketing(also known as e-tickets) allows you to travel without paper tickets. Your e-ticket is stored in our computer system and the airline's computer system.

    Advantages of using electronic ticketing:
    1. You should not worry about losing or forgetting your paper ticket;
    2. Most airlines charge 100$ for recreating your ticket;
    3. Major U.S. carriers are now charge 25$ for paper ticket.
  • How can I use electronic tickets? Back
  • When you arrive at the airport you need to present a printed copy of your reservation (obtainable from our site) or your e-mail confirmation and your proper identification (government issued photo ID – passport, driver's license, state identification card) to airline personnel. This format needed to get their boarding pass.
  • Do I must to receive travel documents when I select electronic ticketing? Back
  • You do not receive any documents when you select electronic ticketing.
  • How can I print a copy of electronic ticketing? Back
  • After you complete your electronic ticket (“e-tickets”) reservation, your online itinerary becomes your passenger receipt. For printing your itinerary you must:
    1. Please add your email address and Trip ID number in order to retrieve your reservation;
    2. Select “Print Receipt”.
  • How much do you charge for changing air ticket? Back
  • You must know that travel agencies do not control the fees set by the airline. But typically the total fee for domestic (USA) is $130 per ticket and for international is $230 per ticket.

    • Airline tickets are not transferable. It is mean that you cannot give you ticket to someone else to use, change the name in airline ticket or exchange tickets from one airline to another;
    • At the time of purchase you marked the box that you read and understand the rules and fees that applied to the reservation;
    • Travel agency has not the authority to waive airline-imposed charges;
    • All fees vary from carrier to carrier.
  • Do you offer flight tickets for Senior, Child, Infant, Unaccompanied Minor and Companion? Back
  • On you may booking Child and Senior fares. But unfortunately we do not offer Infant, Unaccompanied Minor and Companion discount booking. These options will be appeared in our future plans.

    Please note this information:
    • You should know that some domestic (USA) fares do not offer discount for children over the age of two years;
    • International fares are offered discount if the child is over 2years and under 12 years old
    • If you traveling domestic with an infant (under 2 years old) on your lap will not charge and you don't need tickets for child (BUT you need to contact to the airline or us with this information, after making your booking and before you arrive to airport);
    • If you wish to have a seat to your infant for domestic and international fares, you must make a call to the airlines or us to help you find the lowest fare;
    • We have discount for senior travelers (62 or older).
  • Can my child fly unaccompanied? Back
  • Many airlines welcome unaccompanied minor travel. You should read specific rules and regulations for each airlines which have age restrictions. Some airlines may charge a fee for unaccompanied minor service.
  • How will you deliver tickets? Back
  • You can choose some type of delivery: Electronic Ticketing (e-tickets) or Delivery by FedEx (or Priority Mail).
    1. Electronic Ticketing (E-tickets):
      • Available for flight tickets;
      • You will not receive a ticket in your mail;
      • The airline will access the electronic ticket record when you check-in for your flight;
      • After your tickets have been issued electronically, a copy of your passenger receipt will be available online. Please note that the copy of your passenger receipt will not be sent by mail;
      • You must agree to the Terms & Conditions of Travel before your tickets can be issued electronically. By selecting "Ticket Electronically" you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Travel.
    2. Delivery by FedEx or Priority Mail:
      • If you are located in U.S and Canada we can delivery paper ticket to street addresses via FedEx. Please note that the price for the second-day delivery is $19.95 or for next business day is $24.95;
      • International FedEx shipping charge is $39.95;
      • Tickets purchased after 3pm (CST) will not be shipped until the next business day;
      • Required delivery time for International FedEx is 7 days if shipped Sunday through Thursday, or 10 days if shipped on Friday or Saturday;
      • Once shipped, rerouting or redirecting requests cannot be accepted.
      • Shipping via FedEx allows us to track the delivery and gives us recourse if your tickets do not arrive as expected. The delivery charge is good insurance!
        -We cannot be responsible if documents are lost in the US Mail.
        -Lost or delayed tickets must be replaced.
        -Airlines charge a $100.00 Lost Ticket Application fee plus any applicable fare increases.
        Note: If you would like paper tickets you may pay fee of up to $25 per ticket (dependent on the airlines).
  • Can I make an airline reservation for someone else? Back
  • Yes you can purchase airline tickets for someone else using your or theirs credit-card. You need to enter the correct guest's name in the “Complete the passenger information" page. (PLEASE REMEMBER that passenger's name cannot be changed after this point).
  • If I want to travel with my pet do I have to make airline reservation for pets. Back
  • We cannot process online air reservation requests for pets. You can contact to air company for more information about transporting your pet.

    Please reviewing the following guidelines:
    • Airlines are not transporting a sick or violent animal, also most of airlines may require health certificate for pets within 30 days prior flight;
    • You must contact with airline and in advance tell them that you are planning to travel with your pet (before 24-48 hours prior to department);
    • If you planning to take your animal in the cabin. Please contact with airline to ensure that this is allowed on your flight. Carry-on animals are limited for smaller breeds (usually less than 10 pounds). Also some companies needed additional charge for this service.
  • Can I change my mind if I've accepted a schedule change from the airline? Back
  • Yes, you can, but you must pay extra money for changes. If airline has changed your flight without your request, you will not be charged any fees or penalties for future changes.
  • Can I cancel my airline reservation? Back
  • You must understand that at the time of purchase you agreed with the rules and restrictions. Many tickets are non-refundable (for example: lower price tickets). If you decide to change or cancel your reservation you can use cancellation calculator:
    1. On the Trip Look up page entering the trip ID and email address;
    2. Click “Retrieve Booking”;
    3. On the Trip Details page scroll down to the Change or Cancellation Policy section;
    4. Click on the "Online Calculator". You will see cancellation calculator;
    5. In cancellation calculator you can display the amount of refund if you want to cancel the trip.
  • Can I change my airline reservation? Back
  • Please note that some tickets do not allow any changes, even with a fee. Also if the ticket allows changes you cannot change some types.
    Some general restrictions:
    • You cannot change the name on an airline ticket;
    • You cannot exchange tickets from one airline to another;
    • You cannot make any changes if the original reservation was not canceled within their designated timeframe.
    For more information please use this numbers: 1-877-657-4874 for United States and Canada or 1-210-507-6512 if you are outside the United States and Canada; and be sure to have your Trip ID/reservation code available. Also you can contact to the airline and directly to change your ticket.
  • Hotel
  • What is the cancellation policy? Back
  • Hotels using Cancellation policies (vary from each hotels) to avoid holding a room available for a guest who will not use it. If you do not cancel your reservation within the allotted cancellation period, the hotel will charge a penalty to the credit card (usually the price of reservation for one day).
  • When can I receive my room booking confirmation? Back
  • After completing your room booking you will not display confirmation page, please check your email.
  • What if I did not receive confirmation email? Back
  • Many reasons why you didn't receive confirmation email:
    • Maybe you enter incorrect email
    • Your Service Provider have blocked the email. Please check your SPAM filter.
    If you still did not receive your email please contact to our customer care department.
  • How long the hotel will be waiting for my reservation information? Back
  • Basically the hotel should receive the reservation within an hour after your booking (except when the hotel reservation department is closed – at night and weekends).

    Please print out a copy of your voucher and bring it to the hotel to prove that you paid in advance.
  • What is a “Save Rate Hotel"? Back
  • Save Rate Hotels are special discounted room rates. It always appeared with icon . The main reason why we can offer to you discount room rates is a high volume of booking in these hotels.
  • Why Save Rates Hotels are prepaid? Back
  • Prepaid reservations is secured from room rate increases. The hotel room is charged to your credit card at the time of booking and if the price of your room will be increased you must not make extra charge.
  • What if I find a hotel with lower price than your Save Rate? Back
  • If the price of hotel on the other website is lower than our Save Rate hotel within 24 hours of your booking, you should complete our Best Rate Guarantee Request Form. We will match the rate plus pay you 10% of the difference in price If the lower rate on a travel website can be verified to our satisfaction.
  • What is the Best Rate Guarantee? Back
  • give you Save Rate Hotels which guaranteed the lowest rate at the time of booking. If you find lower price within 24 hours of your booking the Save Rate Hotels, you should complete our Best Rate Guarantee Request Form. If the lower rate on a travel website can be verified to our satisfaction, we will match the rate plus pay you 10% of the difference in price.
  • What is the check-in time in hotel? Back
  • As usually after 3:00 pm (local hotel time) is the check-in time in hotel.
  • If I am arriving late will the hotel hold my room? Back
  • The hotel is obligated to hold your room until 7:00 am the day after arrival, because you reservation is guaranteed with a credit card.
  • If I am arriving early in the hotel may I use my room? Back
  • You should send request in the special request section of the reservation page. We will accommodate your request, but only if hotel room is available.
  • What if I have more than two adults in the room? Back
  • Most hotels allow more than than two adults in the room if the room has not exceeded the maximum number of guests. You or your guests must pay charge extra (usually between $10 - $20 USD per person, per night). Please note that we can not be held responsible if your hotel room cannot accommodate your party size and hotel can cancel your reservation or require to book additional rooms.
  • Can our children stay free in room with us? Back
  • In most countries children under the age three may stay free (in U.S. children less than 12 years can stay free and hotels may give existing bedding). You should read hotel policy in hotel information in which you can see whole information about children which can stay free with you in hotel.
  • Do you have specific type of hotels (non smoking, Pets allowed etc...)? Back
  • You can use our filters in reservation form and find what you looking for.
  • Car
  • How can I change car reservation? Back
  • You can change online or cancel car reservation any time without penalty (if refundable service fee was not included at the time of booking). If you want to change or cancel please use this link click here. Click Modify or Cancel to change or cancel your reservation.
  • How can I contact to rent car customer care? Back
  • Please use this number: 1-877-657-4874
  • I did not receive confirmation email for my car reservation. Back
  • We will send you confirmation email after you complete your car reservation. If you didn't receive confirmation email we recommend you:
    • Check your Junk mail or Spam folder in your email
    • Also you can always verify your reservations online - CLICK HERE.
  • Can I make multiple Car Reservations? Back
  • Unfortunately, right now you can book one car per reservation.
  • Where can I pick up a car? Back
  • It is depending where are rental car companies located. Usually, rental car offices located in airports, in cities, at resorts and other locations.
  • What is a minimum age to rent a car? Back
  • Most of rental car companies have a standard minimum rental age is 25. Some location have exceptions and allow rent car for persons whose not younger than 21. To be sure that you can rent a car please read policies of rental car company.
  • Do insurance coverage included in car rental rates? Back
  • Most rental companies do not automatically include insurance coverage. Please read policies of rental car company you can find information about insurance.
  • Where and how can I pick up my car? Back
  • All information about picking up car will be listed in the reservation. More information you can find in the policies section of your reservation.
  • What documents do I have to present for picking up a car? Back
  • Different companies have different requirements but you must always presented your valid driver license and your valid credit card (but not Debit Card or ATM). Please note that some companies may check your driving record – if you have bad driving record (such as drunk driving) the company may denied your rental.
  • Vacation Package
  • What is a vacation package? Back
  • This is offer which combines hotels with flights at the same time and guaranty special rates. It’s the best way for you if you looking for cheep travel.
  • What else I can reserve for vacation packages? Back
  • You can reserve car with your vacation packages (only if it available in your destination). The list of car rent will appear after you have chosen a hotel. Charge will be included in your total online payment.
  • Can one person (or more) modify or cancel vacation packages in a group booking? Back
  • No, if you make a group booking you cannot modify or cancel individual (for one person or more).
  • Can I change the air ticket if I made vacation packages reservation? Back
  • You cannot change the air ticket or hotel in reservation packages. You may cancel your trip and book new package (or book separately air tickets and hotel).

    PLEASE NOTE for canceling or changing the packages you will pay fees and penalties.

    If you want to cancel your Vacation packages please contact to our care support department 1-888-291-1613 for United States or 1-210-582-2718 if you are outside the United States.
  • Can I cancel or change air or hotel reservation in my Vacation packages? Back
  • You must know that you cannot change or cancel one portion in Vacation packages. You can only cancel or change Vacation packages and book another (or book separately air and hotel).

    PLEASE NOTE for canceling or changing the packages you will pay fees and penalties.

    Our care support department can help you to cancel or change Vacation packages. Please use this number 1-888-291-1613 for United States or 1-210-507-6512 if you are outside the United States.
  • If I have booked vacation package may I fly on a different flight? Back
  • You may not fly earlier or later even if it same date.
    Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you to make a change in your Vacation packages.
  • How can I cancel a vacation package? Back
  • Please contact to our care support department using this numbers: 1-888-291-1613 for United States or 1-210-582-2718 if you are outside the United States.

    PLEASE NOTE for canceling or changing the packages you will pay fees and penalties.
  • If I cannot go on my vacation, can I get a refund? Back
  • Yes you can, but you must know that we will charge fees and penalties for cancellation and your package will be canceled as a whole.
    Please contact to our care support department using this numbers: 1-888-291-1613 for United States or 1-210-582-2718 if you are outside the United States.
  • How long I'll get a refund from my canceled Vacation packages? Back
  • We will do it as quickly as possible. The maximum time frames is 30 business days.
  • Do you have Travel Protection(insurance) for a vacation package? Back
  • Yes we have, but it's only available for U.S residents and is purchased on a per person basis. Please note this information:
    • You must purchase Travel Protection at the time of booking;
    • On the “Review Trip” page (after selecting your hotel accommodations) you can purchase travel protection;
    • You cannot refund protection policy once you purchased (except in occurrences provided for under the description of coverage).
  • Can I refund Travel Protection if I cancel vacation packages? Back
  • Please contact to BerkelyCare, with any questions about refund Travel Protection.
  • Where can I purchase Travel Protection? Back
  • You can purchase the Travel Protection in “Review Trip” page (after selecting your hotel accommodations).
    Please note that you can purchased Travel Protection at the same time that a vacation package is purchased.
  • Can I purchase Travel Protection for one passenger, if I book multi-passenger vacation package? Back
  • No, you can only purchase Travel Protection for all passengers, if I book multi-passenger vacation package.
  • Do you have addition pricing for adults and children in vacation package? Back
  • Unfortunately at this time, all vacation package will be priced as adults tickets.
  • Do I need reserve my infant (lap child) for vacation packages with me? Back
  • Yes, you will need to contact one of our customer care agents and tell him that you are traveling with a lap child. Some vacation package will charge for infant/lap child. You should contact to our customer care agents for more information about lap child charging.
    Please note:
    • infant/lap child can travel only with adult;
    • no seat required for infant/lap child.
  • Protection and contacts
  • Do you protect confirmation information? Back
  • guaranty protect information of every online purchase made on our booking engine.
  • How can I contact to Customer Care department? Back
  • You can select the 'Contacts' menu link. Also please use this numbers: 1-877-657-4874 for United States and Canada or 1-210-507-6512 if you are outside the United States and Canada.
  • Others
  • How can I cancel? Back
  • Please choose "Contacts" and use telephone number for each travel products. If you have any questions, you can also email:
  • I deleted my Welcome/Join email. How can I receive this information again? Back
  • Please email us at , and we will be happy to send you your information again.
  • Do you have Travel Protection(insurance)? Back
  • Yes. Most of our travel products have travel protection options. Please note that you must purchase Travel Protection at the time of booking


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